Types, diagnosis and treatment of ENTROPION

What’s is the diagnosis and what’s the treatment?
This a case of entropion and treatment will be discussed in this post.
Firstly, what’s the entropion?
Entropion is Rolling of eyelid inward, so the lashes will rub against cornea and conjunctiva.

Aetiology and types :
This occurs as a result of fibrosis of palpebrae conjunctiva as in trachoma and inflammation.
This occurs due to together
1-Spasm of orbicularis oculi muscle as a result of irritation of eye as in foreign body in eye
2-lack of support eyelid by globe as in case of enophthalmos or enucleation.
This occurs in lower eyelid only due to a disturbance in contraction of orbicularis oculi muscle.
This should be differentiated from epiblepharon which is horizontal skin fold stretching over the eyelid.

Clinical picture and diagnosis :
Foreign body sensation
Complications :
On Conjunctiva
Conjunctival ulcer
Epithelial plague
On cornea
Recurrent ulceration lead to opacity
Epithelial Plague

You should refer to the ophthalmologist because treatment is surgical through one of the following operations :
Snellen’s operation
Wise procedure
Wibster’s operation
Lateral canthotomy
Lateral canthoplasty
The type of operation depends on the case.

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