Types and treatment of symblepharon

What’s the diagnosis and what’s the treatment?
Diagnosis is symblepharon and treatment will be discussed in this post
Firstly, symblepharon is an adhesion between the palpebral conjunctiva and bulbar conjunctiva and cornea.

Aetiology of symblepharon :
*post operative
*occular Cicatricial pemphigoid or any cause lead to presence of tow raw surfaces

*Anterior symblepharon: this occurs when
palpebral conjunctiva adheres to bulbar conjunctiva or cornea.
*posterior symblepharon: this occurs at the fornix.
*total symblepharon: this occurs when the whole palpebral conjunctiva adheres to the whole bulbar conjunctiva.

Diagnosis and clinical picture :
Diminution of vision

Treatment :
The case should be follow up with ophthalmologist because treatment may be
Prophylactic treatment
*eye ointment during the night.
*glass rode coated with antibiotics passes between the palpebral conjunctiva and bulbar conjunctiva.
the actual treatment
*mucous membrane graft

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