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Titanium Grade 23

Titanium Grade 23

The titanium can be divided in several grades. the most common used in dental implant are 2, 4 and 5. The Grade 5 is the used by the major implant industry. It is because of its hardness.

There are implants made of Titanium Grade 23. This Grade 23 is basically a Grade 5 with the reduction of oxygen (0.2% for grade 5 and 0.13% for grade 23), iron (0.40 for grade 5 and 0.25% for grade 23) and nitrogen (0.05 for grade 5 and 0.03 for grade 23) content.

This reduction of these ions allows the titanium grade 23 to become an Extra Low Interstitial Alloy. This confers improved ductility and fracture toughness. ELI has been widely used in fracture critical airframe structures and for offshore tubulars.

The Ti ELI or grade 23 is a version of Titanium Grade 5 but it is purer. So, it is the purity version of Titanium 5 because of the reduction of ions. It is the golden choice where there is a need of combinations of high and strength, good corrosion resistance light weight and high toughness. It is damage tolerance is superior to other alloys.

These characteristics of the Titanium Grade 23 make it also the golden choice in Dental implants, biomedical applications such as implantable devices due to its biocompatibility, and good fatigue resistance. It also can be used:

  • Orthopedic cables
  • Ligature clips
  • Surgical staples
  • Springs
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • In joint replacements
  • Cryogenic vessels
  • Bone fixation devices

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