Staphyloma is bulging of the outer coat of the eye ( corneal and sclera ) which is lined by the uveal tissue.


  1. Weak outer coat of the eye due to ocular diseases ( as in perforated corneal ulcer or high axial myopia).
  2. Increased intraocular pressure ( in cases of absolute glaucoma).


A) anterior staphyloma:-

Known to be ectatic corneal scar + adherent Iris.


  1. Large corneal perforation ( leading to Iris prolapse).
  2. The Iris soon covered by fibrin ( leading to fibrous tissue formation).
  3. The weak scar can’t withstand the increased IOP due to closure of the angle by the Iris , forming ectasia.

Anterior staphyloma should be differentiated from keratectasia.

B) scleral:-

Known as ectatic sclera lined by uveal tissue.


  1. Scleritis.
  2. Rupture globe.
  3. Absolute glaucoma.
  4. Progressive myopia.

Types of scleral staphyloma:-

  1. Equatorial : lined by choroid.
  2. Ciliary : lined by ciliary body.
  3. Intercalary : lined by the root of the Iris.
  4. Posterior : occur at the posterior pole of the eye , it occurs only in high myopia.


Treatment of scleral staphyloma is by treating the cause.




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