Oro_antral fistula


Oro_antral fistula is an epithelized unnatural communication between maxillary sinus antrum and oral cavity.

-About disease:


  • mainly surgical as in dental extraction of second premolar or first molar
  • Accidental as in penetrating wounds.
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Cancer maxilla.


  • History of dental extraction.
  • Nasal regurgitation of liquids.
  • Unilateral nasal discharge.
  • Bad taste in mouth.


  • The fistula may be visible through the oral cavity.
  • Purulent discharge seen coming through the fistula into the oral cavity.
  • Unilateral purulent offensive nasal discharge.


  • CT nose and PNS.
  • X-ray panoramic view.

-probing should never be attempted.

-any associated sinusitis should be treated before any surgical intervention to improve success rates.


depend on the time of diagnosis and size of defect.

  • Heals spontaneous if the defect is less than 2mm
  • Direct primary repair with suture is done if discovered immediately after injury.
  • Refreshing of edges is done in cases discovered late and if the defect is smaller than 1 mm the do curettage and direct repair with sutures and if the defect is larger than 1 mm then cover the oral opening of fistula with a flap of palatal or buccal origin.

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