– definition:-

Myopia is a condition at which when the non_accommodating eye has excessive refracting power and focuses parallel light rays in front of the retina.

– etiology:-

  1. Increase in the axial length of the eye ( Commonest type),which could be simple ,degenerative ,congenital.
  2. Increase in the refractive power of the eye, that could be due to increased curvature of the cornea /the lens or be index myopia.

– symptoms:-

  1. Muscular athenopia: due to screwing of eyelids to stimulate a pinhole which increases the depth of focus.
  2. Simple: indistinct (unclear) far vision.
  3. Malignant:-
  • Indistinct far vision.
  • Discomfort after near work.
  • Musca volitans.
  • Retinal symptoms as photopsia and night blindness.

– signs:-

  1. Simple: normal eye.
  2. Malignant:
  • Pseudo_proptosis.
  • Tigroid fundus.
  • Apparent convergent squint.
  • Large corneal diameter and deep anterior chamber.
  • Blue,thin sclera and large pupil.

–  complications:-

  1. Divergent squint.
  2. Complicated cataract_lens subluxation.
  3. Retinal changes( tigroid fundus – temporal crescent – chorio_retinal degeneration – macular hole – macular hemorrhage – fuch’s spot – lacquer cracks – retinal detachment)
  4. Vitreous degeneration ( floaters)
  5. Posterior staphyloma (only on high myopia)

– Treatment:-

  • Concave minus glasses.
  • Contact lenses.
  • Corneal surgery like radial keratotomy or photorefractive excimer laser surgery (PRK or LASIK or LASEK)
  • Intraocular surgery like phakic IOL or clear lens extraction and IOL implantation or clear lens extraction only


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