Malignant squamous cell carcinoma of the ear


Malignant squamous cell carcinoma is a tumor of external auditory canal and middle ear.

About disease:-

-chronic suppurative otitis media and irradiation is the aetiology for malignant squamous cell carcinoma.

-malignant squamous cell carcinoma is a rare disease, affecting males more than females.


  1. Discharge which is blood stained, foul smelling ,profuse.
  2. Deafness and tinnitus.
  3. Deep seated pain.
  4. Vertigo.
  5. Facial paralysis due to erosion.


  1. Granulation and polypi.
  2. Skin ulceration and parotid affection.
  3. Last four cranial nerve palsies.


  1. X_ray and CT.
  2. Biopsy.
  3. Audiogram.
  4. Metastatic work up.


A-Is mainly by surgical resection +postoperative radiotherapy + RND.

B-palliative radiotherapy.

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