what is Lagophthalmos

What’s your diagnosis for this case, and what’s the treatment?
Diagnosis is Lagophthalmos, and treatment discuss in this post

Firstly, what is Lagophthalmos?
It is an inability to close eye completely.

Aetiology :
Maybe physiologically as during sleep and this doesn’t need treatment because cornea is protected by bell’s phenomenon
Maybe pathological as in
1- facial nerve paralysis which is the most important and the most common cause.
2-coloboma of the eyelid (congenital defect of the eyelid)
3-congenial ectropion
4-acquired ectropion
5-exophthalmos (proptosis)

Clinical picture and diagnosis
Conjunctiva :
Conjunctival xerosis
Dry eye
Cornea xerosis
Dryness of eye
A corneal ulcer which usually affects the lower part of cornea because upper part is protected by bell’s phenomenon.
Treatment :
1- artificial ear eye drops by daytime
2-dark glasses out of houses
3-eye ointment during the night
4- lateral tarsorrhaphy in persistent cases.

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