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Clinical picture and treatment of mucopurulent Counjunctivitis

What’s your diagnosis and what’s the treatment? Diagnosis is mucopurulent Counjunctivitis and treatment will be discuss in this post Firstly, mucopurulent Counjunctivitis is inflammmatoin of counjuctiva which characterizes by mucopurulent ..Continue Reading

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Implants vs. bridges and dentures

Dental implants are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to dentures and bridges. Compare the options and see why: Tooth-supported fixed bridge. The most common alternative to dental implants for a ..Continue Reading

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dental implant
Advantages of Dental Implant .

  – Who does not know Dental implant? – Dental implant becomes more popular as it restores missing teeth functionally and esthetically, and it preserves the height and width of ..Continue Reading

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Definatoin, clinical picture and treatment of spring catarrh.

Firstly, what’s your diagnosis? And what’s the treatment of such a case? This a case of spring catarrh or vernal keratocounjuctivitis. And treatment we will discussed in this post. Definatoin ..Continue Reading

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This is a rare disease called oral myasis comes due to very bad oral hygiene

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