Definition and treatment of ophthalmia neonatorum

What’s your diagnosis and what’s the treatment of this case?
This a case of ophthalmia neonatorum and treatment will be discuss in this post in details..
Firstly, what’s the ophthalmia neonatorum?
It is any Counjunctivitis occurring during frist month of life.
×ANY discharge from eye during first month of life should be suspected as ophthalmia neonatorum because tears are not secreted during this time of age.

Aetiology :
*Gonococcal infection and this the most common (70% of cases)
*other bacteria and chlamydia
*viral infection
* chemical.
Clinical picture and diagnosis :
The mother will tell you that her baby has red eye, discharge and lid edema.
It will differ according to the cause :
3-5 days in onset (1week)
Purulent discharge
May affect cornea
*other bacteria and chlamydia
5-10 days in onset (1-2 weeks)
Mucopurulent discharge
5-30 days in onset (3 weeks)
Watery or mucoid discharge
May causes dendritic ulcer
From the first day in onset
Serous discharge
May cause severe eye lid edema

Investigation (rare to be needed)
*culture and sensitivity in Gonococcal infection
*culture and sensitivity and immune foulrescent in other bacteria and chlamydia.
*serological test in viral infection

*Pencillin eye drops in Gonococcal infection
*Broad spectrum antibiotic eye drops in other bacteria and chlamydia
*anti viral eye drops in viral infection
*stop eye drops in chemical causes.

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