Definatoin ,complications and treatment of trachoma

What’s your diagnosis and what’s your treatment of such a case?
This patient suffer from trachoma and treatment will be discuss in this post..
*Firstly, what’s The trachoma?
It is a chronic contagious inflammmatoin of counjuctiva which caused by chlamydia trachomatous.
**trachoma, it’s one of the endemic disease world wide.

*clinical picture and diagnosis :
√ symptoms
Red eye
Discharge which may be mucoid or mucopurulent.
Irritation which causes discomfort, foreign body sensation.
√ Counjunctival Signs ,this will differ according to MC callens classification:
*T1 stage which characterizes by minute follicles, 1mm in diameter and not expressible.
*T2a stage which characterizes by formation of large follicles, 1-3mm in diameter and expressible.
*t2b stage which characterizes by formation of papillae which characterizes by finger like projections , fine, many, may lead to ptosis and also give you velvet appearance.
*T3 stage which characterizes by fibrosis and formation of ARLET’s line (white fibrous line present in sulcus sub tarsalis), post trachomatous degeneration and post trachomatous classification.
*T4 stage as the previous stage, but with complete recovery.
√ corneal signs:
*superficial keratitis.
*corneal follicles which are greyish follicles appear at upper border of cornea (also called Herbert’s rosette) when this follicles fibrosed it leaves depressed centre called herbet’s pits.
*pannus formation
*trachomatous ulcer
*xerosis of cornea
*Kerato ectasia

*Complications :
√ eye lid. it causes Cicatricial entropion, ptosis, and symblepharon.
√counjuctiva . It causes xerosis and symblepharon.
√lacrimal gland. It causes dacryo-adenitis, dacryo-cystitis and punctal occlusion.
√corneal. It causes all above signs of cornea.

√ prophylaxis
Combat flies
Medication for both eyes
√actual treatment
Systemic antibiotic as azithromycin
Local antibiotics eye drops of sulfacetamide. And terramycin eye ointment.
Atropine eye drops
Follicles treated by expression
Papillae treated by scraping
PTDS and PTCS treated by picking.

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