Definatoin, clinical picture and treatment of spring catarrh.

Firstly, what’s your diagnosis? And what’s the treatment of such a case?
This a case of spring catarrh or vernal keratocounjuctivitis. And treatment we will discussed in this post.

Definatoin of vernal keratocounjuctivitis :
It’s bilateral, seasonal, allergic Counjunctivitis caused by exposure to exogenous allergen as pollens, dust,…. etc
Clinical picture and diagnosis :
1- counjunctiva
*palpebral conjunctiva
It shows papillae which characterize by :
Large in size
Flat topped
Cobble stone arrangement
When eye lid everted will form milky whitish layer.
* bulbar counjuctiva
It shows :
Gelatinous masses which present around limbus
Tanya’s sports which are dark spots in centre of masses
*there are mixed type.
Superficial keratitis
Annulus circus

Treatment :
Antihistaminic eye drops as livostinse .
Vasoconstrictive eye drops .
Or mast cell stabilizers as epichrome eye drops.
+ advice patient to wear dark glasses in day time.
Cold compresses application.
**in resistant cases
Steroid eye drop and ointment .
Or intra papillary injection of cortisone.
Or B irradiation application to induce end arteritis oblitrans.

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