Clinical picture and treatment of mucopurulent Counjunctivitis

What’s your diagnosis and what’s the treatment?
Diagnosis is mucopurulent Counjunctivitis and treatment will be discuss in this post
Firstly, mucopurulent Counjunctivitis is inflammmatoin of counjuctiva which characterizes by mucopurulent discharge.

Aetiology :
*Haemophilus egypticus (koch’s week bacillus) which is responsible for epidemic in Egypt.
*Pneumococci which is responsible for epidemic in Europe.
*other bacteria as staphylococcus, streptococcus cause it (purulent Counjunctivitis).

Clinical picture and diagnosis
*red eye
*discomfort, foreign body sensation, Photophobia and Lacrimation.
*eye lid edema and eye lashes glud together like a pencil.
*mucopurulent Counjunctivitis discharging from the eye.
*Counjunctival Edema and congestion
*spontaneous recovery within 2 weeks.
*Marginal corneal ulcer.

*boric acid lotion or pure water to wash out the discharge.
*local Antibiotic eye drops by day time which contains
Sulpha in case of Haemophilus egypticus
broad spectrum antibiotic in case of other bacteria.
*local Antibiotic eye ointment during night
*systemic antibiotic (rare to be Used ,used only in severe cases).

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