Clinical picture and treatment of ectropion.

What’s your diagnosis and what’s the treatment?
Diagnosis this case suffers from ectropion and treatment will be discuss in this post.
Firstly, definatoin of ectropion eye?
Ectropion means rolling of eye lid outward, this common in lower eye lid because it persists against gravity.

Aetiology and types
This occurs when the skin of lower eye lid exposed to burns, wounds and cosmetics.
Due to paralysis of orbicularis ocuili muscle as in facial palsy.
Due to snile weakness of orbicularis ocuili muscle
*congenial, this rare
Due to increase weight of lower eye lid as in chalazia.

Clinical picture and diagnosis
bad appearance and psychological problems
Epiophera which leads eczema which lead to ectropion (more)
According to degree which may be
Which occurs in case of exposure of lower punctum
This occurs in case of exposure of palpebral conjunctiva
This occurs when bulbar counjuctiva appear.
Loss of marginal strip of tear and Epiophera
Conujunctial ulcer and xerosis.
Corneal ulcer in lower part of cornea

You should Fowlloup with ophthalmologist because treatment is surgical by one of these surgeries according to the case and the degree.
Firstly, treat the cause in case of mechanical.
Surgeries as
snellen’s inverting operation
Lateral tarsorraphy
Z pasty or v to y pasty
Instruct the patient to wipe his lower eye lid..

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