Recurrent  Aphthous ( cancer sore)

  Can be classified in the category of  Ulcerative lesions. Usually appearing in the movable oral mucosa. Event thought the the etiology is unknown, it is believed to be a T-cell mediated, most of the times related to stress , immunosuppression, trauma, infection, exam.

They are classified in three categories:

-Major Aphthae ( Mostly related to Hiv Patient and are persistent for up to 6 weeks. They heal with scar formation since the ulcers are larger than 10 mm)

-Minor Aphthae( They appear on buccal mucosa , vestibul and heal without scar formation because of the size < 1 cm. Lasting 7-10, the minor type, is what we usually encounter clinically.

-Herpetiform Aphthous (multiple superficial 1-2 mm ulcers ,which usually coalesce together and heal  without scaring.

Treatment is palliative, mostly for relieving the symptoms like topical anesthetics. Or sometimes topical corticosteroids like Triamcinolone Acetonide.







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