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  • Hi there ، I’m Aisle ! dentist and a med researcher at Claude Bernard de Lyon university in France before 2017 ends, I wanted to take up the bio for premed because I thought I wanted to be at MD But few months before enrollment for college started, I changed my mind that I was gonna try dentistry. I actually thought dentistry was easier, but I was soooo wrong! I swallowed all my ego before I left dental school. Biggest lesson I learned was to never underestimate dentistry. I do not want to be biased and convert you entirely to take up dentistry so how about I just tell you the things I like and don’t like in being a dentist. Probably the best thing in being a dentist is the less stress comparing it to a medical doctor. Sure you get patients who are hard to deal with, but being a dentist is more of a controlled setting. In short, nothing is life threatening at most procedures. Also, I like the control for time. Dentists work for 8 hours max, when you go beyond hours, some employers give dentists a overtime time pay. Then you have the option to put up your own clinic. I am not necessarily tied to a hospital for work. I get to control the time it opens or closes and the neat set up that I am my own boss. I think the things I don’t like being a dentist are people saying “You’re just a dentist. ” They do not treat dentists with much respect to physicians.The second one is the money factor. The cost of dental school is high and putting up a clinic requires so much money too. Overall being a dentist has it’s highs and lows but when you see a patient comes back to you over the years, it’s very rewarding.You think things through, don’t rush the decision. God bless. 🙂

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