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Advantages of Dental Implant .


– Who does not know Dental implant?

Dental implant becomes more popular as it restores missing teeth functionally and esthetically, and it preserves the height and width of bone after extraction and appears like the natural tooth in the oral cavity.

– No one will know that you have a dental implant in your mouth.

So, dental implant increase your confidence and comfort during speaking, eating, smiling, and if you are a popular one and have conferences and meetings you will need more esthetics so, the dental implant is the best choice for you.

– You have low self-confidence due to missing your teeth and cant smile but this problem is temporary with implantation.

Dental implant vs Dentures :

– patients have dentures suffer from an inability to bite with their dentures during eating as the denture becomes unfitted but, this is impossible with the implant.

– With Dental implant you have not to remove it from your mouth like denture before sleeping but, you can sleep, floss, brush it.

– Dentures may cause gingival inflammation and with the patient who has poor oral hygiene this inflammation will be duplicated as a large area of your mouth is covered by denture but, the dental implant doesn’t cover a large area but it replaces a missing tooth functionally and esthetically.

– Prevent bacterial invasion :

– Dental implant crown has the same height and width of the natural tooth and so, it prevents gingival inflammation caused by food accumulation and bacterial invasion.

– Chewing force :

– It does not bond to bone by any adhesives but, it has a strong attachment with bone as it is anchored directly into the bone so, it is firmly attached and can withstand masticatory forces due to bone formed around it in the jaw.

 – No Tooth reduction :

The dental implant does not require reduction of the tooth like fixed crowns or bridges but, it is a new tooth in your mouth.

– Enjoy intact bone :

– Dental implant prevents bone loss as it has the same function of the natural tooth.

– The bone of the jaw still healthy and very strong through work and exercises so, eating healthy food is the best way to make our bone intact and avoid chewing hard food.

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